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Septic Tank Installation Services

Having a functioning septic tank is a crucial part of your home. The septic tank is there to hold back the waste water as it settles, allowing the solid matter to move down to the bottom. It plays a huge role in removing waste from your home and removing any dangerous bacteria. That’s why the team at D & S Drilling Inc in Millstadt, IL remains as committed as ever to being there when you - and your septic tank - need us most.

Our Septic Tank Process

The process starts with a quick phone call. During the initial phone call, we’ll ask you questions relevant to the job. Whether you’re looking to have a new septic tank installed or you have one that needs to be cleaned or repaired, we can assist! From there, a member of our team will travel out to your location to assess the situation. After providing you with a rough estimate, we’ll work out a time to come back and get right to work. 


We work primarily with the AquaKlear sewage treatment system. This is an economic alternate way to treat domestic wastewater. We think you’ll be very pleased with the end result.

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